Ken Owen on Drums

San Francisco Bay Area Drummer Ken Owen

February 2019


2019 has started off very well for us here at Ken Owen on Drums™ with some positive and (dare I say) life altering personal events that has us smiling more than usual, and we are also thankful for our good fortune in being included on new CD releases from two of our favorite artists, Maurice Tani and Andrew Goberman (aka Captain Casual). Please see the 'Discography' page of this website for more info on their fine products.

The music calendar is filling up quite nicely with lots of fun gigs at the typical venues where all the cool kids hang out, so chances are good we'll see you around town. And, word from across the hallway is that another book of ramblings from Van Niddy (aka F.Y.K., aka Zenny, etc...) is in the works and may be ready by this summer.

As always, thanks for supporting the live music!


Jack The Dog
Chief Operations Officer
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